The same fireworks, different years — life needs to be recorded

Ye Shengtao’s writing class said: the first function of diary is to check the past; the second is to support; the third is to improve the writing ability and practice the basis.

Later, I will show my account books, trivia in life, and insight in life here.

There is little rain in Northwest China, but in recent years, with the recovery of vegetation, there seems to be more rain.

This year, three heavy snow, making the world has been a vast expanse of white, has continued until the new year.

The neighbor downstairs said that he had been here for nearly 30 years, had not encountered such a big snow, and lasted for a long time.

A few days ago, I saw a report that this year’s heavy snow is the biggest since 1961.

It turns out that it’s snowy once in 60 years.

In the morning, in the mist, my husband and I went back to my mother-in-law’s house. Along the road, tall trees and small shrubs were all hung with fog frost and white ice, which made the branches plump and dreamy. There was chaos between the heaven and the earth, and they were all white.

You need to be careful when driving, but the scenery is breathtaking and breathtaking. I think it’s lucky to catch up with the heavy snow once in 60 years. If the next heavy snow is 60 years later, then I have no chance to see it.

Originally met beauty, also need fate.

I have always been looking forward to seeing the snow in the northeast. Now I can see the snow every day at my home. The same rime, the same crystal clear, and the different is that there is no cold northeast in the northwest. How can such an appreciation experience be “beautiful”.

At night, the distant sound of firecrackers reminds us that the year is coming.

Starting tomorrow, go to the park every day.

My friend sent me a message: we are red for a year!

Red fire is the mood, the white snow between heaven and earth, cool, clean, comfortable.

The same fireworks, different years.

Looking forward to the next year’s healthy and smooth family.


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