Hong Kong expert: Wuhan pneumonia virus is 73% similar to SARS. What does this mean?

Xu Shuchang, a professor of respiratory system at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said that the new virus involved in Wuhan pneumonia belonged to the type 2B coronavirus, and its gene sequence was 73% the same as that of SARS virus, and it belonged to “close relatives” of two viruses found in bats.

Previously, scientists in the United States and Uganda also found a new coronavirus (predict / pdf-2180) similar to the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus in bats in Uganda, with a consistency of 87%, but the consistency of its spike gene used to invade cells with that of the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus was only 46%. Therefore, scientists believe that forecast / pdf-2180 is unlikely to pose a threat to human beings in its current form.

Therefore, in this case of Wuhan pneumonia, we expect that when the official release, we will be able to release more important information besides the full gene similarity, that is, the pathogenic gene similarity.


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