Sweet egg dumplings

I make some dumplings every new year. Dumplings are troublesome to wrap up, and they don’t really have a good taste. It’s just that they look like a treasure. For me who like the auspicious meaning, the new year brings me a good taste, which means “Attracting Wealth and treasure” in the coming year.

Making egg dumplings is a delicate work, but I like to do such a slow and silky work since I was a child. It is a kind of delicious food with golden color on its surface. It can be steamed, boiled or cooked with various vegetables, or stewed in casserole or hot pot. It can be stored in the refrigerator after steaming and taken as you eat.

To be busy with food is the most satisfying and happy thing in the world! What’s more, it’s like egg dumplings, a combination of “appearance” and “connotation”. It’s hard to forget the food once you taste it.

We don’t want to eat more dumplings and egg dumplings during the new year. Gold egg dumpling is a treasure of the competition. Next year, the fortune will roll. I’m going to laugh in my dream. Happy New Year of the rat!


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